Hotels Factory Use Noodle Machine Noodle Drier Dryer For Shop Small Pasta Dehydrator

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$4,500.00(1 - 1 Sets) $4,300.00(2 - 2 Sets) $4,000.00(>=3 Sets)
Hotels Factory Use Noodle Machine Noodle Drier Dryer For Shop Small Pasta Dehydrator
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Applicable Industries: Hotels, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Restaurant, Home Use, Retail, Food Shop
Showroom Location: Egypt, Canada, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Italy, France, Germany, Viet Nam, Brazil, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Morocco, Kenya, South Korea, Chile, Colombia, Algeria, Sri Lanka, Romania, Bangladesh,
Video outgoing-inspection: Provided
Machinery Test Report: Provided
Marketing Type: New Product 2021
Warranty of core components: 2 years
Core Components: PLC, Pump
Condition: New
Type: dryer, Dehydrator,drying machine
Voltage: 220V/380V/460V
Power: subject to machine model
Weight: 250 KG
Dimension(L*W*H): subject to machine model, Custom-made
Year: 2021
Warranty: 2 years
Name: Food drying machine/Noodle dryer
Function: Fundrying,drying+dehumidify, cooling
Capacity: 50-3000kg/h
Material: Steel/stainless steel
Advantage: Energy saving
Control System: PLD+Touch Screen
Heating capacity: 10.5/21/42KW
Temperature range: 15-120℃(adjust)
After Warranty Service: Online support
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Packaging Details: Playwood
Supply Ability: 3000 Set/Sets per Month
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Product Overview

Working principle of heat pump drying machine.

"MY" air source dryer uses the inverse Carnot principle to absorb the free heat in the air by inputting a small amount of electric energy and transfer it to the drying room (inputting 1 kw/h electric energy can generate 4 kw/h electric energy), so as to increase the temperature of the drying room and realize the drying of materials with corresponding dehumidification equipment.
Power supply
capacity (KW)
capacity (L/H)
Dryer size
Drying chamber size(mm)
Double MY-03RD
Double MY-06RD
Double MY-12RD
Double MY-15RD
Successful Project
Project in Thailand
Project in India
Project in Russia

Drying purpose

The purpose of drying is to remove moisture or solvent in materials and semi-finished products, so as to facilitate the
packaging, transportation, storage, processing and use of materials, improve the quality of raw materials, and make the raw materials have more quality advantages than the original drying methods.
1. To save labor costs for the purpose. Meiya heat pump dryer does not need to be on duty, which saves the labor of the original drying mode and improves the output.
2. In order to improve the quality of drying raw materials. Meiya heat pump dryer uses closed air to dry materials through 360 degree thermal cycle, which provides high help for the quality assurance of raw materials, and makes the quality of materials reach a higher level and has more advantages in the market.
3. For the purpose of convenient storage. The materials dried by magnesium sub heat pump dryer are easier to store and have longer storage time than the raw materials.
4. In order to maintain the content of material composition. The use of materials that are not dried by heat pump dryer can keep the original ingredients of materials from being lost to the greatest extent and lock the nutrients of materials, which is more suitable for people's health and health preservation in modern society.
5. In order to facilitate processing. Some agricultural and sideline products, medicinal materials, chemical raw materials, etc., need to be crushed to a certain size range and moisture content for processing and use. Such as coconut powder, garlic powder, spice powder, medicinal powder, grain, etc. are dried before processing.
6. In order to create profits. The use of magnesium sub heat pump dryer can save costs for enterprises, improve product quality and output, and create higher benefits.
Why Choose Us
Our Advantages
1. Use is not restricted by weather: whether it is cloudy or rainy, day or night, windy or snowy, stable operation 24 hours a day.
2. Energy Saving.
3. Good drying effect and even drying: the finished product after drying has very good color, aroma, taste and individual shape.
4. The equipment has a small floor area.
5. Intelligent operation requires no special person to be on duty.
6. Safety.
7. Environmental protection.
8. High utilization rate of heat energy.
9. Simple operation and maintenance.
10. Powerful functions.
11. The equipment is durable.
Production process

How does 'MY' drying machine to working?

"MY" air energy dryer consists of compressor, condenser (heater), throttling device (electronic expansion valve), evaporator (heat absorber), compressor and other devices to form a refrigerant circulation system. The refrigerant circulates in the system under the action of the compressor. It completes the process of boosting and heating the gas state in the compressor (the temperature is as high as 120℃). After entering the condenser, it releases high-temperature heat to heat the air in the drying room. At the same time, it is cooled and converted into flowing liquid. When it runs to the evaporator, the liquid rapidly evaporates and absorbs heat to convert into gas state again, and the temperature drops to -20 ~-30℃. At this time, the air around the evaporator will continuously transfer heat to the refrigerant. The continuous circulation of the refrigerant realizes the purpose of transporting the heat in the air to the drying room and heating the air in the room to dry the materials.
Our factory
Guangzhou MY Heat Pump Drying Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing, sales and installation of “MY” brand air energy energy-saving dryer (heat pump dryer). MY company introduces advanced technology from Europe and the United States, combines traditional drying technology with modern drying technology, and adheres to the development strategy of independent research and development. At present, it has formed a all-in-one high-temperature heat pump dryer, split type high-temperature heat pump dryer, and high-efficiency industrial dehumidifier, sludge dehumidification and drying machine, automatic drying line and other products.
Customer Photos

Application Field of MY Heat Pump Dryer

* Medicinal material dryers: Wenshan notoginseng dryer, Guangxi Tianqi dryer, star anise dryer, Morinda officinalis dryer, Dendrobium dryer, Huai mountain dryer, honeysuckle dryer, plumeria flower dryer, cistanche deserticola dryer, maca dryer, grosvenor momordica fruit dryer, shajiang dryer, medlar dryer, black medlar dryer, ganoderma lucidum dryer, ginseng dryer, angelica sinensis dryer, andrographis paniculata dryer, etc.
* Wood dryers: mahogany dryers, mahogany furniture dryers, furniture paint dryers, Huanghua pear wood dryers, rosewood dryers, scarlet acid wood dryers, chicken wing wood dryers, hardwood dryers, miscellaneous wood dryers, eucalyptus dryers, veneer dryers, bamboo stick dryers, bamboo floor dryers, bamboo mat dryers, etc.
* Agricultural Products Dryer: Lady Enforcers Dryer (Jianhua Dryer), Mushroom Dryer, Gutian Tremella Dryer, Auricularia Auricularia Dryer, Auricularia Auricularia Dryer, Dried Vegetable Dryer, Daylily Dryer, Tea Tree Mushroom Dryer, Dried Bamboo Shoot Dryer, Edible Mushroom Dryer, Longan Dryer, Litchi Dryer, Sweet Potato Strip Dryer, Okra Dryer, Pepper Dryer, Zanthoxylum Dryer, Pitaya Dryer, Jujube Dryer, Tobacco Dryer, etc.
* Food dryers: sausage dryers, bacon dryers, preserved fish dryers, rice flour dryers, noodle dryers, straight rice flour dryers, noodle dryers, dried bean curd dryers, etc.
* Grain dryer: corn dryer, seed dryer, etc.
* Tea Dryers: Pu 'er Tea Dryer, Black Tea Dryer, Dahongpao Dryer, Jin Junmei Dryer, Yinghong Tea Dryer, Tieguanyin Tea Dryer, Fried Tea Dryer, Green Tea Dryer, etc.
* Foxiang Dryer: Jiangmen Foxiang Dryer, Xiaogang Foxiang Dryer, Pan Xiang Dryer, Line Xiang Dryer, Bamboo Stick Xiang Dryer, etc.
* Seafood Dryer: Marine Fish Dryer, Squid Dryer, Cuttlefish Dryer, Shrimp Dryer, Abalone Dryer, etc.
* Industrial dryer: printing dryer, leather dryer, cloth dryer, gypsum dryer, plastic dryer, electroplating dryer, handicraft
dryer, fireworks dryer, etc.
* Production line dryer (rice dryer, belt line dryer): rubber glove dryer, noodle tunnel dryer, straight rice noodle dryer, gypsum block tunnel dryer, leather tunnel dryer, etc.
* Sludge dryer: low temperature sludge dryer, low temperature waste heat dryer, low temperature box dryer.
Packaging Details
The normal package is plywood box (Size:L*W*H). If export to european countries, the plywood box will be fumigated. If container is too tigher, we will use pe film for packing or pack it according to customers special request.
Packaging Details
The normal package is plywood box (Size:L*W*H). If export to european countries, the plywood box will be fumigat-ed. If container is too tigher, we will use pe film for packing or pack it according to customers special request.
Q1:Does the MEIYA drying machine running by Gas or electricity or Diesel?
A1:Electricity only but can be connected to solar energy, diesel generator.
Q2:Can the drying room be customized?
Q3:What is the material of drying machine cover ?
A3:We can do SS304# or coat steel, sure,difference material with different price.
What should I do if I am interested in your drying machine?
A4:Thanks very much for your attention. Please don't hesitate to contact us by mail or by phone, telling us which one model, how many sets, drying capacity, and special requirements etc.
Q5:Could you give me your catalogue?
A5:Yes, you can download it on website or send us email,we will send you asap.
Our Services
1. OEM service
2. Supply spare parts according to order quantity.
3. Technical support for your installation, operation and
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