Medicine Processing Cheap Price Electric Fruit Dryer Mango Drying Machine Fruit Drying Cabinet

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Medicine Processing Cheap Price Electric Fruit Dryer Mango Drying Machine Fruit Drying Cabinet
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Type: Drying Oven
Application: Medicine Processing, Chemicals Processing, Food Processing
Condition: New
Voltage: 220V/380V, Can be customized
Power: 3kw
Dimension(L*W*H): 3.5*2.2*2.2m
Key Selling Points: fruit dryer oven
Warranty: 1 Year
Weight (KG): 500
Applicable Industries: Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Restaurant, Food Shop, Food & Beverage Shops
Showroom Location: Egypt, Malaysia
Marketing Type: Hot Product
Machinery Test Report: Provided
Video outgoing-inspection: Provided
Warranty of core components: 1 Year
Core Components: Motor
Evaporation Capacity(kg/h): 15kg
Heating Method: Electric Heating
Material: SUS304, Other
Name: fruit dryer machine
Сертификация: ISO9001:2008 CE
Heating source: electricity
Function: Food Vegetable Fruit Dehydrator
Advantage: low energy consumption
Temperature range: 40-75
Capacity: 200-300kg/batch
Delivery time: 20-25 Workdays
Основная информация
Сертификация: ISO9001:2008 CE
Оплата и доставка Условия
Packaging Details: dryer oven into standard container 20GP, 40GP, 40HQ. Motor and other parts will be packed in wooden case
Supply Ability: 50 Set/Sets per Month
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Product Description


We are a specialized manufacturer in drying machine more than 20 years. We have own brand drying machine production line. We own both of domestic and international sales department.



The drying oven is suitable for all kinds of fruits and vegetables drying in commercial use. After drying, the materials' original color, shape and nutrient content can be completely retained. 



Heat pump work principle:

The heat pump dryer evaporator absorbs fresh air from outside, and use the heat pump system transfer heat to drying chamber, then the hot air will be repeatedly heated while absorbing moisture of materials. The hot air condensed water, the temperature of air reduce and water come out, then finally realize the continuous drying of materials.

Heat pump work principle : the working fluid of the heat pump is compressed by the compressor, becomes high temperature and high pressure gas, enters the condenser, condenses and liquefies the heat, and is used for air heating in the drying room. The moisture in the material is vaporized and evaporated by the form of hot air, and the evaporated water vapor is discharged by the moisture discharge system, thereby achieving the purpose of drying the drying material.


The heat pump dryer adopts the principle of reversed carnot cycle. It absorbs low-temperature heat energy in the air and becomes high-temperature heat energy after efficient heat collection and integration of the heat pump system, which is transported to the drying room is directly dis-charged to the outside of the drying room through the dehumidifier. 

The heat pump dryer can quickly remove the water in the material without affecting the original color, shape, and nutrient content of the mateiral. The drying oven is equipped with a computer control system, which can realize automatic temperature control. The drying temperature range of the heat pump is 20-80℃, and the materials suitable for drying are very wide, such as grains, edible fungi, medicines, seafood, bacon, fruits and vegetables, tobacco leaves, seeds, spices, etc.



Model  Machine size (mm) Capacity  Heat pump power Fan Qty Fan power Total power Trolley Qty Trolley size (mm) Tray Qty Tray size
3P 3500x2200x2200 200-400kg 3kw 6 0.25kw/pc 4.5kw 6 670x810 78 600x800
8P 5300x2200x2200 450-750kg 7kw 12 0.37kw/pc 11.44kw 6 1210x870 156 600x800
15P 7500×3000×2800 900-1500kg 14.5kw 12 0.55kw/pc 21.1kw 12 1210x870 312 600x800
15P*2 9500×4000×2200 2600-3000kg 29kw 18 0.37kw/pc 35.66kw 20 1310x800 520 600x800
20P*2 13000×3300×2200 3000-3300kg 39kw 12 0.75kw/pc 48kw 26 1410x910 572 600x800


 Comparison before and after drying






Components of dryer

One Set heat hemp dryer machine Contains:

1: Heat pump drying host: Copeland compressor, Siemens electric heating element etc.

2: Drying chamber:with Polyester insulation board /PU board ,better heat preservation and stability, long life time.

3: Fan frame with fan: stainless steel frame , Explosion-proof professional fan.

4: Trolley with tray: stainless steel trolley, tary material have stainless steel/ PP. 


The heat pump dryer machine can be used in many application, like agriculture, industry, seafood, grain, herbs, construction, paper products,seasoning, mineral industry,etc.

1:Dry vegetables: like radish, lettuce, pumpkin, carrots, spinach, cassava,etc.

2:Dry fruits:like apple, lemon, mango slices, peach,apricots,etc.

3:Dry meat: like sausage, beef, duck, ham,etc.

4:Dry seafood:fish, shrimp, seaweed,etc.

5:Others it can dry noodle, wooden ,stick incense,herbs , etc.

Your product is not listed above? We are ready to meet any new challenge! Contact us for free product testing!








380V three phase


Rated power



6set (670*810*1750mm)


Tray Quantity

78pcs (600*800*50mm)

Tray Material

PP or Stainless steel

Input capacity


Drying temperature


Dryer time

depends on material moisture 

Energy consumption





Advantage of heat pump dryer

1:The heat pump drying machine is Commercial  drying equipment.

2:Simple installation, provide operating manual and installation video .

3:Suitable for 85% of food vegetable fruit mature material.

4:Easy operation , can via PLC control panel to setup the temperature and humidity in advance.

5 low cost, save 75% energy than traditional electricity element heating dryer, lower energy consumption , high efficiently. 

6 clean and sanitary, heat pump system keep clean hot air into drying room, during the dehydrate processing, no need to move material .

7 low temperature dehydration processing can better keep material nutrition.

Henan Baixin Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd is a set of technology development,manufacturering,operating services as one of the high-paying technology state import enterprises,the central plains regions is the largest drying equipment,food equipment research and development and production base.Products are exported to the world more than 90 countries and regions,favored by customers. Its comprehensive strength ranks among the best in China's drying industry.

The main products are continuous mesh dryer,heat pump dryer,drying ovens, Microwave drying sterilization equipment, vegetables&fruits processing line,such as slicing machine,peeling machine,package,grinder,so on.Equipments is wide used in agriculture,industry,food,chemicals,medicine and other industries,to meet the existing more than 85% of raw materials,drying and deep processing.

Baixin Machinery can provide customize service for user's, just provide details drying requirement . 




Application of drying machine:


The heat pump can be used in many application, like agriculture, industry, seafood, grain, herbs, construction, paper products, seasoning, mineral industry, etc.

1: Dry vegetables: like radish, lettuce, pumpkin, carrots, spinach, cassava, etc.
2: Dry fruits: like apple, lemon, mango slices, peach, apricots, etc.
3: Dry meat: like sausage, beef, duck, ham, etc.
4: Dry seafood: fish, shrimp, seaweed, etc.
5: Others: it can dry noodels, wooden, stick incense, herbs, etc.
Your product is not listed above? We are ready to meet any new challenge! Contact us free product testing!


If your product is not on the above list, we will be glad to offer guidance, design and manufacture of a customized drying system. Just tell use your requirements. 

Packaging & Shipping

Package and Shipping:


1: Packaging: daub coal oil on the surface to protect the machine from moisture, then cover with plastic film. Finally pack them with wooden cases.

2: Customer's requirement is available.

3: If you want to know the transportation cost: by air-please tell me your airport name, by express-please tell me your detailed address (including zip code, house number, street, city, country), by ship-please tell me your delivery port.

Company Information


Henan Baixin Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in a historical and cultural city - Gongyi, which is a machinery industrial centre. Gongyi Baixin Machinery Manufacturing Factory is a skill-intensive and high-tech enterprise with technology development, which is also regarded as brilliant pearls of the domestic dryer machine and rotary kiln industry.


Customer Visiting


Our factory has a service team with rich experience, skillful techniques and a blameless sales service network. Before customers purchase our products, we will send our engineers to design reasonable flow charts. After the purchase, we will bring back our professional engineers to guide and install the equipment and take trial run. We believe that our high-quality products, preferential prices and perfect services will be your second-to-none option. Your business is our business, we are looking forward to cooperating with customers from all over the world and creating our resplendent future. Welcome to contact us!

Welcome to our factory to test the performance of the machine, we can also take you to visit the work site




Now we plan to make the drying project, what should we do?

Firstly, please confirm your water content of material, before the dryer? after the dryer?

Secondly, please tell us what is your required capacity? Per hour or per day?

Thirdly, what kind of fuel available for you? Coal, gas, electrical or others.

We could recommend you the suitable drying solution base on your project requirments.


What kind of drying machine is suitable for me?

We could supply three types of food dryer machine:

*Multi-layer belt drying machine---which is more suitable for large-scale food drying.

*Heat pump drying machine---easier to operate, which is mostly used in the small and medium scale drying process.

*Microwave food drying machine---which has higher drying efficiency and sterilization function.

Based on your production process, you could choose the suitable one. 


Can I specify the heat source?

Yes, Electricity and natural gas are widely used as heat sources.  but for Mesh belt dryers, which has a wide range of heat sources (electricity, hot air, natural gas, steam or coal), you could choose one that suits the conditions of your area.


What's the drying time?

It depends on various reasons:

*The water content of the materials

*The sugar content of materials

*The size of the raw materials

*The required dyied temperature

*The ambinet environment

*The final desired texture

The most important is that whether the dryer you chose is suitable for drying

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